A Personal Introduction from Susanna Reay

Hello, I’m Susanna Reay here, here to introduce myself as the affiliate business coach for this wonderful Blue Pool network. 

 My speciality is in helping you understand and bring your value proposition forward, helping you create your signature offer in your business. This is so important, particularly when you’re in the holistic and  wellness space, because not many people really get what the tangible is worth. There’s lots of intangibles in your work and these are hard to talk about, and that’s where I step in to support you in finding the best way to talk about your unique skills. In my book, The Introvert Way Roadmap, available at Amazon, I walk you through the stages to grow a successful online business.  

I help you make the intangible tangible. 

 And I do this in a couple of ways: 

  1. I have a series of Sparkle Frameworks™ that help you really understand how to market your business. These are available through my Introvert Business Booster training programme. 
  2. I run a live small group training called The Signature Offer System that runs in the autumn and the springtime. 

 If you’re thinking about transitioning from a one-to-one service and wanting to move into group training in a sustainable way, do click through the links to learn more, or browse all services and download some free resources here.  

 It’s important to take time to grow your system, so you can really understand your proprietary framework, what special something you bring to those around you. Once we know that, we move forward and really distinguish what makes you, you, and how you need to set up your business in such a way that you’re not going to be exhausted and overwhelmed. 


The Introvert Way®  

I myself am introverted, I’m also an HSP, a highly sensitive person, and it’s absolutely paramount that in my business that I balance these elements and make sure time out equals time in. This includes only showing up when I need to. There’s a lot of tricks and tools that we can use these days when working online do to exactly this. 

 I’m based in South Oxfordshire, which is why I’ll only be appearing in person at the Blue Network events once a quarter, and I really look forward to meeting you at those.  


Monthly Free Q&A Clinic 

Every month I am running a monthly “Q&A clinic” online. This drop-in session is held on the third Wednesdays of the month (excluding December and August) at 9:30am. It runs for an hour and you can pop into my Zoom room, come meet me, ask any questions, have a chat, talk about where you are in your business, in a really non-salesy gentle, let’s just have a chat over a coffee. But at distance! I’d love to get to know some friendly faces before walking into a big networking space in person (one experience as an introvert I still struggle with). 

 I look forward to when I can come and meet you, it’s a good a good two hour drive for me to get to the Blue Pool Network locations, but I’m super excited to get to know you all and thank you for listening in. 


See you soon. 

By Susanna Reay

By Susanna Reay

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