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Emotional liberation & empowerment through breathing with Jade Brown

Guided conscious connected breathwork journey
•When: 1st Thursday of Every Month
•Time: 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm GMT
•Members: Free

Let’s breathe together as we consciously engage in our most natural way of breathing. Not only will I guide you in the most optimal way of breathing in your everyday life and show you various breath practices you can use, but I will also create a safe and supportive space for you to express and explore your emotions, allowing them to be acknowledged, embraced, released and transmuted into light.

This will be a guided process where you get to lay down, relax and let go. Through the rhythmic flow of your breath, you will tap into your inner wisdom and resilience, uncovering the courage to confront and transcend limiting beliefs, trauma, fears, and self-doubt.

This session is suitable for individuals at any stage of their journey, whether you are seeking to overcome past traumas, manage anxiety, enhance self-esteem and self-love. Or explore and deepen your spiritual connection and energy awareness. When we are breathing this way we are bringing in life force energy, clearing through energy blocks and releasing density, leaving us feeling free and empowered.

So all you need is an open heart, a willingness to explore, and a commitment to your own growth.

Empowered Wholeness with Sandra & Jade 

Conscious conversations with coaching
•When: 2nd Thursday of Every Month
•Time: 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm GMT
•Members:  Free (only to members)

Join Sandra and Jade in monthly conscious conversations and explore a diverse array of wellness and esoteric topics, that aim to empower and enlighten, with guest speakers along the way! Towards the end, we open the floor for a Q&A session, offering a unique chance for free coaching. This segment allows you to seek personalised guidance, explore the intricacies of the discussed topics, and deepen your connection with us.

Consider this midday experience a sacred pause in your day, an opportunity to connect with like-minded souls, and a source of inspiration for your personal and spiritual journey. Join us wholeheartedly as we embark on this exploration of wisdom and self-discovery together.

Light Language Activation with Sandra Jennings

Healing and transformative journey with beautiful light codes and sounds
•When: : 3rd Thursday of Every Month
•Time: 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm GMT
•Members: Free

Join Sandra for a beautiful meditation, Light Language, sound and energy healing. Sandra with create a beautiful sacred space where you will feel held and supported though a journey of clearing and activation, as she brings codes and song through her voice to facilitate shifts and transformation.

Together, we’ll anchor more light to release anything hindering our realignment. This gathering is an opportunity for like-minded souls to connect and celebrate our inner light.

Empower Online Meet Up

Come together with other like-minded and like-hearted souls to connect, collaborate and empower your own life and others
•When: : 4th Thursday of Every Month
•Time: 12:30 am – 2:00 pm GMT
•Members: Free

This is the virtual embodiment of our beloved Empower in-person meet ups— a condensed version designed to accommodate even the busiest schedules. In just an hour and a half, you’ll partake in a transformative meditation, engage with an inspiring speaker, and participate in interactive sessions. It’s a space dedicated to connecting and collaborating with fellow like-minded and like-hearted individuals. So whether you have the online or in-person membership, you are welcome to join this monthly meet-up. We understand that this path can sometimes feel solitary, which is why our community is here to accompany you

Guided Meditation – Hypnotherapy Journey with Nathan Simmonds

Wonderful journey to experience your innate power to create change
•When: : 3rd Friday of Every Month
•Time: 9:30 am – 10:30 am GMT
•Members: Free

Nathan combines a mixture of FreeMind Rapid Change Hypnotherapy, and guided meditation to help people connect to the deep, innate wisdom. Helping people create inner visualisations, build deeper feeling, and awarenesses that helps not only to create clarity but also to unlock the hidden potential within.

The Gene Keys by Melissa Stonard

Unlock the fullest potential of your DNA with the Gene Keys
•When: : Last Tuesday of Every Month
•Time: 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm GMT
•Members: Free

The Gene Keys were gifted to Richard Rudd by St Benedict in a sacred Italian grotto around about 2012. These fantastic teachings give us the golden map to our new earth, and as such I was guided by my golden griffin Archimedes, to formulate my offering “the Key to your soul path” – here I combine ERB healings using the 11 gene keys that are specific to you.

In total there are 64 gene keys, the same amount as our genetic code. Join me for this enlightening monthly healing, where we unlock the higher purpose that is hidden in your DNA, as we work through the 64 gene keys. Your DNA is an actual code, and that code can only be unlocked when you have the right keys.

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Some people asked us...

We’d be delighted to have you at any of our in-person events! To join the Empower meet-up, simply purchase your guest ticket.

No need to worry! If you can’t make it to the in-person meet-up, you’ll still be able to watch the guest speaker as all our talks are recorded. Similarly, if you miss the online meet-up, the entire session is recorded, excluding breakout rooms. If you happen to miss a live session — you’ll have access to the recording shortly after, all available in the member’s area.

Both meet-ups offer a similar space dedicated to connecting and collaborating with fellow like-minded and like-hearted individuals. Online is a condensed version designed to accommodate even the busiest schedules. In just an hour and a half, you’ll partake in a transformative meditation, engage with an inspiring speaker, and participate in interactive sessions. Our in-person meet-up is a physical gathering at Bradbourne House from 9am-1pm, and offers a tasty brunch. Choose the format that best suits your preferences and location.

Absolutely! Our online monthly meet-up provide opportunities for interaction, just like our in-person events. Engage in discussions, and in breakout rooms for smaller groups. It’s a digital space designed for collaboration and community building. The other sessions may vary as to when there is time to interact, but our facilitators will personally speak to you as much as they can, and open the call up for engagement.

We carefully choose our guest speakers to ensure they align with the values and interests of our community. They bring expertise in various fields, contributing valuable insights to our members. If you have suggestions or requests for specific speakers, we’re always open to hearing your input.

It’s easy! Once you purchase your ticket, we send out the Zoom link via email. Keep an eye on your inbox a few days before the event. If you are a member, you simply access the Zoom link via calendly, which will appear in your members area. If you’ve somehow missed it, reach out to our sup

We use Zoom for our virtual sessions and meet-ups. It’s a userfriendly platform that allows for interactive sessions, including guest speaker talks, meditations, and discussions. Make sure to download the Zoom app for the best experience.

Our online meet-up follows a structured format, lasting an hour and a half. The session includes a transformative meditation, an inspiring talk by a guest speaker, and interactive discussions. Our other live sessions last an hour but can run over, the structure of these vary according to the type of session it is and the facilitator.

Technical glitches can happen, but don’t worry! If you encounter any issues during the session, everything is recorded. If you aren’t a member and need support, you can message us for help getting access to that particular session.

To enhance your experience, ensure you have a stable internet connection, use headphones for better audio if needed. Set up a sacred space where it is quiet and comfortable. If there are particular instructions for a session, you will be informed by email.