Connecting for Change

18th & 19th of February 2023

Wellbeing Weekend!

This is going to be a wonderful weekend of incredible holistic well-being experiences all offered by members of our experienced Wellbeing Team. All designed to bring you back to balance, align you to more of who you are and feed all of your senses with a rich variety of wonderful immersive experiences, inspirational and informative talks and connection to other wonderful like minded souls!

Every Drop Creates the Ocean

Every drop of water has its own unique structure holding infinite wisdom, following its own journey through nature, time and space. Each drop is as important as any other.

It is gentle, cleansing, nurturing and sustaining. The frequency of its environment affects its molecular structure. 

When each droplet comes together to form the mighty ocean there is no force more powerful on the planet. 

Over time the very structure of the planet has been altered by the ebb and flow of the tides.

In the same way that the waters of the planet have shaped our world, so too can we.

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Connection, collaboration, support, transformation, community, Information,  abundance.

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Whether you are a well-being professional, holistic or spiritual practitioner, run a heart centred or sustainable business or you are an individual on your journey of healing, empowerment and discovery we can support you.


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