Sounds of you Soul

Do you remember? Gently whispers the soul. 


A layer of resistance is felt. 


Do you remember? Gently whispers the soul.  

Soften your body, softer, softer still. 


Place your hand on your heart. 


Feel the rhythm and beats of love pumping through your body. 


Connect to your heart energy. 


Go deeper, deeper, deeper into the void. 




Travel and weave through the tunnel of midnight darkness. 


Emerge into the welcome golden shimmering light. 


At the very core, this is where you’ll find remembrance. 




Your TRUTH. 


Your I AM. 


Do you remember? Gently whispers the soul. 


A flicker of light, a pulsating of energy. 


Energy balls spark, colours ignite, sound waves, frequency bands, simply electrifying. 


Boom – connection! 


This is the key. 


The key that connects you to the most precious gift. 


The sounds of your soul. 


Do you remember? Gently whispers the soul. 


Feel it in your heart. 


Feel it in your wisdom, in your spoken word, your actions, your truth! 


Let me introduce you. 


This is your vibrational blueprint. 


Your unique energetic signature. 


A magnificent gift to behold. 


Where soul contracts are made and honoured in this lifetime, lifetimes gone, and lifetimes to come. 


The pain, suffering, despair, hurt, loneliness you experience in this lifetime, is born from love, agreed on the soul planes. 


Created from the purest of frequencies. 


Do you remember? Gently whispers the soul. 


To alchemise, ascend and spiral you to your highest timeline. 


The journey YOU chose to navigate in this lifetime. 


Do you remember the journey of evolution you chose to experience? 


Hear the sounds of your soul, dear one. 


Through your darkest times, remember, this wisdom. 


Remember this truth. 


Through the polarity of these experiences, you will remember how to love unconditionally. 


You will gain strength. 


You will learn compassion. 


You will find your way back. 


You will find your truth. 


You will find YOU! 


Let the ride of ascension and mastery commence. 

Do you remember? Gently whispers the soul. 

By Diane McCann

By Diane McCann


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