Be The Change You Want To See

You are here as you want to see some change occurring. You have a vision of a different future, and one that you help develop. 

This is the reason why I developed my own business, The Introvert Way® – as I wanted to see change in how people were selling and showing up online to attract the people they could help and support in an authentic way.  

No sleazy sales, no pressure selling, no over promising and under delivering.  

Instead real connection that brings in transformation and change – for both your business and your client’s lives.  

And this starts with getting solid on the value you provide and mapping the journey that you wish for your clients to enlist you as the guide for. 


Having a loose “3 or 6 session coaching package” doesn’t cut it with today’s consumer. Without any indication of what progress may be seen, what this may look like, it can be hard for your prospect to invest in your services.  
So where to start?

One of my favourite ways is to go back to pen and paper. The bigger the piece of paper the better and create a huge mind map of everything that you do for your clients.  

Once you’ve managed to write everything down and go into as much detail as you can fit on the paper, take a second pen colour and now write down what the end feeling, the end emotion is, having accomplished that smaller part of the journey.  

What is the end transformational feeling your clients have? See which words come up repeatedly. This will provide your stake in the ground around how to begin to focus your marketing messages for your business.  

In my Introvert Business Booster program, I take clients through various frameworks that guide you step by step into creating powerful messages that convert prospects into clients, without the need for old-style sales.  

Voice Healer Case Study: 

DanaGita, a voice energy healer based in Switzerland commented on how the Sparkle Frameworks finally helped her connect with the right clients and grow her Awakened Voice Academy that previous to working with me, had been just a dream of an idea.  

DanaGita found it incredibly hard to turn the intangible life forces she felt that were being transmitted through her into a service that others would pay for. Her biggest mistake was never supplying a finish line for her clients to reach. As humans we love to have an end in sight, something to reach for and keep us motivated.  

Using the frameworks in your business takes the magic that is within you and brings it out in a way that enables prospects to see it too, and most importantly want to pay you to have your support and guidance to achieve their goals.

In short, they make you and your business sparkle.  

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By Susanna Reay

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