Value Protection

How do I best protect the VALUE in my business?  PHYSICAL ASSETS e.g. staff, customers, premises, stock, cash  These are relatively easy to protect through having the right practical arrangements, such as security and risk assessments and also the right insurances, just in case things do go wrong:  Employee liability and public liability  Product liability  […]

Business Relationship Contract QUESTIONNAIRE FOR THE PRODUCTION OF A BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP CONTRACT A business relationship contract will help manage and regulate the relationship between the owners of a business. As well as recording some formal information, this agreement sets out the rules of engagement between the parties, what each expects from the other, what should happen in […]


What should I do to manage my IMPORTANT RELATIONSHIPS?  Business is all about people and there are a number of key groups of those that you need to have good relationships with including:  Staff  Customers  Other third parties e.g. suppliers  Let’s look at each of these in turn.  STAFF  In the beginning, it is less […]