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Jan 19
Gold? What is really important?

For hundreds of years, gold, or the acquisition of outer wealth, has been a huge focus…

Dec 29
Beauty as an essential tool for the modern seeker

The importance of beauty as a path of personal & spiritual progression has often…

Dec 01
Online course or membership? – 7 Key Questions to Discover Which is Better For Your Coaching Business

The key questions to ask yourself when thinking about creating an online course or…

Dec 01
Raise your vibration and uplift your day

Ready to raise your vibration?  Curious about how to start?

Nov 22
Sparkle Frameworks by Susanna Reay

Perfect for coaches, consultants and creatives looking to package their knowledge to…

Nov 22
Authentic Self Meditation

A meditation to leave you feeling energised, strong and connected to the energy of…

Nov 16
My Daily Self-Care D0’s

I don’t think that any more – in fact understanding and practicing self-care probably…

Nov 08
How to make your presentation pop

This simple technique will make your presentations pop & have people on their…

Nov 08
The Shift Exercise

Welcome to this 30-minute, introspective process which will open you up to your…

Nov 02
How to Conscious Communicate & Consent

Conscious communication and consent can be complicated, most of us, no matter who they…