Category: Diane McCann

Dec 01
Raise your vibration and uplift your day

Ready to raise your vibration?  Curious about how to start?

Sep 27
Sounds of you Soul

Do you remember? Gently whispers the soul.    A layer of resistance is felt.    Do you…

Sep 22
The Path of Perception

Inner Critic Versus Inner Connection Have you ever felt different?    Tried to fit in…

Aug 04
Forgiveness: Self Harm Versus Self Love

They say sorry is one of the hardest words to say.   This may well be true,…

Aug 04
Journey from the Head to the Heart

The Mastery of Alignment.  Here it comes again…   I feel it bubbling…

Aug 04
What is a Vibrational Sound Therapy?

Just what is Vibrational Sound Therapy …?  It’s a question I’m always being asked.…