Meet Sandra

Sandra has been on her own journey of self discovery and awakening for over 20 years and has always been fascinated by all things esoteric and metaphysical. She is a Spiritual Mentor,  Past Life Regression Therapist, Beyond Quantum Healer, Light language Energy and Sound Healer and Channeled Artist. 

She had felt for many years that she had a calling to be in service in some way and had searched to uncover where that would lead her. After her husband, Steve, was seriously ill in intensive care with looping seizures in May 2019 her life took on a new direction. Having previously run a very successful estate agents with Steve, she decided to fully immerse herself into doing hours of inner work and self discovery to see where her path would lead.

During her journey she came across numerous wonderful healers, therapists and beautiful heart centred souls and knew that it was her calling to create a community where like minded individuals can come together to support each other, raising their frequency through unity and love. Her role was to create the platform to support their empowerment to enable them to ‘Shine their Light’ and create joy and abundance in their lives, their communities and their businesses.  

The more that we come together in honesty, integrity and in collaboration,  we will create the change we want to see in our world. Shining our light so brightly that the darkness just dissolves. So Blue Pool Network was born.

Sandra and Steve have five children between them, Callum, Josh, Tom, Molly and Daisy who are all diverse and beautiful souls. All expressing life in such unique and beautiful ways.

It has also always been very close to Sandra’s heart to assist our beautiful children and teenagers. This is why the Blue Blue Pool Kids initiative was created. We can all see that our children and young adults are struggling in our current reality, especially after this last couple of years, and many of us are looking at the current ways of supporting them and know it is not enough, as for many the outcome can be catastrophic.

So, as many of our members have areas of expertise with our younger generation, to support them with their physical, emotional and mental wellbeing, together we can support our future generation to flourish and grow into the amazing souls that we know them to be. We all know that our children are our future and right now they need us to come together to create the change in our world, assist them to be happier in theirs and create a legacy in order that our children and grandchildren have a bright and beautiful world to inherit.

by Sandra Jennings

by Sandra Jennings

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