My name is Sam and I’m a lightworker, Mystic of Transformation, who works mostly with my hands, and the magick available in both crystals and our bodies. My journey began as a highly experienced hairstylist where I quickly discovered that I had a gift of connecting with people and seeing their truth. My clients didn’t just book for my magickal hair skills, they came to me as a safe space, as a healer and a place where they could just be themselves.

Over time my fascination with the Divine has taken me on a journey into the unknown, following only my soul pulls, curiosity and my desire for a bold, bright, love-filled life. As I break my own cage apart, I’ve come to realise that I want this for you too. So I invite you into my world, it can be yours too.

A world of mystery, depth, endless possibility and a place for you to truly shine.


Reconnect, Transform & Feel Your Radiant Self AGAIN!
Relax and unwind in the hands of Sam's care.

Offering you -

Ritualistic hair dressing services,

Priestess energy & crystal healing,

Womb wisdom,

Spiritual mindfulness coaching,

Cacao ceremonies,

Card readings (tarot & oracle) and more!


What is Priestess Healing?
Priestess Healing is a combination of Chakra Balancing, Crystal Healing, Light Language Healing & Activations, Meditation, Space Holding and Space Giving.
- You could be taken to the depths of your Root Star Chakra or Womb Crown Chakra or Opening your voice with your Throat Chakra, speaking from your Heart Chakra.
Within your Priestess Healing, you are urged too simply be. There is no pressure upon knowing that you will be pulled into something that you do not what to do. Or if you want one of the options so badly but your soul knows otherwise. Your soul knows exactly what you need within the moment, even if you are not sure.
So, it's simply allowing yourself to be held by me, Sam. But also held by yourself and your Inner Child + Older Version of you, your Ancestral Lineage, your Spirit Guides, Spirit Angels and the Archetypes.

Trust the Soul Pull into your Priestess Healing.

What Is Ritualistic Hair Dressing?
Ritualistic meaning is to create ceremony, an act of worship your soul body & mental and physical self.
- Having a Ritualistic Hair Cut could symbolize to you an end of an era, or a rebirth.
The same as having a Transformational Colour -such as a Balayage, All Over Colour or Foils.
All of the services Sam provides are truly unique to you and your individual needs, and visions of how you want to look and feel.

Sam has 15+ years' experience, within the Salon environment and now she is putting an unusual twist to modern new way to how she care-gives.

What is Womb Healing?
To start your Womb Healing Journey Sam starts with a Ceremony to celebrate you and how far you have come! You will receive the 'Rite Of The Womb' within your 2hour 30mins ceremony.
During your womb Ceremony, you will be reconnected your Sacral Chakra. Connecting to your lineage you will be freed from their souls' contracts and coming back into your own natural free-flowing energy.
By receiving the 'Rite Of The Womb', you will be come into your own power, releasing pain, anger, sadness and illusion of fear. Embracing joy and happiness.
After your Ceremony Sam will guide you on the path within your womb space, Holding each part of you through a series of multiple Womb healing sessions.

Feel free to ask Sam for additional support thought out any of the services Sam offers.

Type of Session

In person, Online, Home Visit

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12 and under, 13-17, 18-25

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