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A Guide to Crystals and Healing

The Earth has a vast array of mineral and metal deposits. Within the core under certain stock circumstances. Mineral. Solution can grow and produce beautiful crystals with healing and therapeutic properties.

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The Boy

Who couldn’t sit still Over my twenty plus years of teaching, I always had a soft spot for the underdog. The kids who didn’t quite

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What is a Vibrational Sound Therapy?

Just what is Vibrational Sound Therapy …?  It’s a question I’m always being asked.

It generates a whole range of reactions. From, I totally get it … to a resolute it’s all just woo-woo, isn’t it??

Is it? Or isn’t it?  What’s your take on it?

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Meet Sandra

Sandra has been on her own journey of self discovery and awakening for over 20 years and has always been fascinated by all things esoteric

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The Energy of Fear

The Energy of Fear  Fear is such an interesting topic.  Something we all face at times.  Something we all manage differently.  It is a normal

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Life After Covid

What was your life like before Covid?  Some people I know had very structured lives.  My neighbour (who has just celebrated her 99th birthday and

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Open Your Heart

When you truly open your heart it allows you to change your inner world in so doing your outer world will change… We are so

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Sounds of you Soul

Do you remember? Gently whispers the soul.    A layer of resistance is felt.    Do you remember? Gently whispers the soul.   Soften your body,

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Creating Boundaries

Creating Boundaries   One of the very most important tools to use in our life journey is boundaries.  It is something that many of us are

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