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Why Light Minded Souls are coming together to

 join Blue Pool?

Blue Pool supports you on your journey to wholeness, empowerment & self mastery

Your pathway to discover light minded souls & businesses

This wonderfully diverse directory gives you access to a whole host of beautifully aligned humans, all bringing forward their own unique offering to assist you in your wellbeing, your growth, your empowerment and your JOY!!

Every Drop Creates The Ocean

Every drop of water has its own unique structure holding infinite wisdom.

When each droplet comes together to form the mighty ocean there is no force more powerful on the planet. 

We have 19+ online interactive modalities for you to dive in.

Gain access to the wellbeing pool where you can try different modalities at very affordable prices plus be supported by an amazing thorughly chosen team 

We have Wellbeing & holistic events

We host unique wellbeing events that bring people together to raise the frequency of the planet

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A flow of supportive information available to all

A Guide to Crystals and Healing

The Earth has a vast array of mineral and metal deposits. Within the core under certain stock circumstances. Mineral. Solution can grow and produce beautiful crystals with healing and therapeutic properties.

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