20+ Online Sessions


Are you on your journey of discovery and self inquiry and have a fascination with the spiritual and esoteric world?

Are you looking for a safe space to experience healings, teachings and development, supported by wonderful, carefully chosen, lightworkers, therapists and teachers?

If that sounds like you and you are looking for an amazing and affordable support tool, together with connection with other like-hearted souls, then the ELEVATE Membership is definitely for you! 


Be elevated in your journey
back to wholeness & self mastery

We invite you to a safe space, where you can feel  supported to your journey back to wholeness, empowerment & self mastery, as well as, to connect with light minded souls. 

We have a Member’s area of previous live and recorded sessions, plus you will have access to monthly live energy healing session from Sandra Jennings, and a wonderful immersive journey with Nathon Simmonds. There is also a Deep Dive where Sandra invites you to join her in a conscious conversation with an inspirational guest.

What you'll get from the live interactive sessions


Every drop of water has its own unique structure holding infinite wisdom, following its own journey through nature, time and space. Each drop is as important as any other. It is gentle, cleansing, nurturing and sustaining. The frequency of its environment affects its molecular structure. When each droplet comes together to form the mighty ocean there is no force more powerful on the planet. Over time the very structure of the planet has been altered by the ebb and flow of the tides. In the same way that the waters of the planet have shaped our world, so too can we.

Sandra Jennings


Dive into the Blue Pool

We are so excited to be able to offer this incredible membership! Our wonderful Specialist Team is continually growing and each of them is offering a monthly  session to assist you support you with their own area of expertise. 

Take a look at what’s on offer: 

Live Sessions

By Sandra Jennings

Sandra will take you on a beautiful inner journey to connect to a place of deep relaxation and stillness and will then introduce light codes through her voice to enable you to let go of density and anchor more light into your energy field.

By Nathan Simmonds

Nathan combines a mixture of FreeMind Rapid Change Hypnotherapy, and guided meditation to help people connect to the deep, innate wisdom. Helping people create inner visualisations, build deeper feeling, and awarenesses that helps not only to create clarity but also to unlock the hidden potential within.

By Sandra Jennings & Jade Brown

Join Sandra and Jade for conscious conversations as they discuss a variety of Empowered Wellness topics from gut health and liver cleansing to living from the heart, our connection to our Higher Self and protecting our energy field. Topics will be announced before each session.

By Jade Brown

Let’s breathe together as we consciously engage in our most natural way of breathing. Not only will I guide you in the most optimal way of breathing in your everyday life and show you various breath practices you can use, but I will also create a safe and supportive space for you to express and explore your emotions, allowing them to be acknowledged, embraced, released and transmuted into light. This will be a guided process where you get to lay down, relax and let go. 

Through the rhythmic flow of your breath, you will tap into your inner wisdom and resilience, uncovering the courage to confront and transcend limiting beliefs, trauma, fears, and self-doubt. 

Recorded Sessions

By Colleen Young

This meditation will create a beautiful holding space for you to gently relax, relieve stress and empower you.

by Judith Quin

Based around a different theme each month and sharing both practical and energetic tools for finding and freeing your voice.

30mins tools/techniques/Q&A
15 mins at each session for one member to get direct personal practice and feedback time.

What does this include?
^Space to practise your ‘pitch’

^Get feedback on your style/message

^Finding your key business message. (Deepest Truth & Higher Purpose)

^Speaking about yourself with confidence (without fear of sounding arrogant or ‘bragging’)

Tools & techniques for:
*Nerve Management
*Energy State Shifts
*Mindset Shifts
*Doing videos
*Speaking in public
*Anything else you need!

By Amanda Armour & Kathy Hayman

Join us on a magical journey to raise your self-awareness, change your perspective and truly live in your essence.


By Melody Jane Savannah

We are here to be happy. Our true nature is JOY. Life is a celebration – let’s enjoy it and be in JOY. A fun and lively class to help us all embrace more JOY.


By Lisa Sprosen

Lisa will guide you through a gentle practice connecting to the true you, allowing yourself time to unwind feel and breath 😊


By Susanna Reay

Are you wondering how to sell your services online? Come along and ask Susanna all your questions on pricing, strategy, setting up courses and marketing messages. This is an open Q&A session to support your business goals.


By Françoise De Smet

This session is a mindful flow of exercises to help reprogramme the core muscles to work as they are designed to, without you having to consciously activate them. 

Hypopressive exercises are great for toning the abdominal muscles and are especially suited for those that suffer from back pain, post natal women, incontinence, hernia’s, prolapses and those that are not able to do traditional exercises



By Malene Fuglsig

Talking about business and life, with friends around the campfire. This is a coaching bringing you closer to what you actually want.


By Julia Tiffin

We will look at what it means to discover the gold and hidden qualities within you and how finding this can revolutionise your life.

This group will offer you

  • New ideas
  • Discussions
  • Solutions
  • Suggest sessions
  • Host meditations

All to help you find your internal compass to be able to navigate you to your deepest fulfilment and path of joy in all areas of your life.



By Ben Barnett

Learn about what your body can tell you about your wellness and illness, your past and your future.

ECL looks at how your physical, emotional, conceptual and environmental experiences of life reflect each other. Learn about what your body can tell you about your wellness and illness, your past and your future.


4th Thursday of every month at 7:30pm-8:30pm

By Susie Asli

Who are you? What are your habits, your patterns, your automatic thoughts, your beliefs, your reactions?


I create a safe, calm space to gently explore this together, using mindful awareness and deeply relaxing meditation.

If we don’t know who we are, how can we respond to life wholeheartedly and live our best lives?

Last Monday of every month at 7:30pm-8:15pm


By Tracy Edwards

During this rather stressful time for a lot of people. I would like to offer a free online evening workshop. Do you need to feel less anxious and to be able to feel a greater sense of inner peace. To help your body and mind to relax and switch off for a while.  I will offer a relaxing meditation. Reiki healing. We will look at how to be kind to ourselves and feel easier even in stressful times. 

2nd Thursday of the month at 10:00am-11:00am



See it for yourself

The satisfaction and happiness of our members means everything to us and we are continuously looking for ways to improve our offering. Here’s what our family members say:

Membership Pricing

Affordable, transparent pricing

We always aim to give great value, whilst offering exceptional standards and benefits.   


£ 11 Monthly
  • Access to the Blue Pool vault of previous live and pre-recorded sessions
  • Monthly Conscious Deep Dives with special Guest
  • Live monthly Deep immersive Journey wirth Nathan Simmonds
  • Live monthly Sound and Energy Healing with Sandra Jennings


Some people asked us

If you are on your journey of self discovery and empowerment and want to raise your frequency then this membership is definitely for you!

Don’t worry, if you can’t be there live you will be able to see the recording soon after in the member’s area.

Yes, all the recordings are available in the members area.

You can cancel any time. This is a monthly rolling contract, so you can cancel whenever you wish, there is no tie in.

This is a monthly, rolling contract and can be cancelled at any time.

We will never share your details, unless you wish us to share them with members of our ELEVATE Team.

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If you are a therapist, healer or heart-centred business owner

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