How to make your presentation pop

This simple technique will make your presentations pop & have people on their feet! Suddenly everyone was up on their feet and taking photos of my presentation. The impact was immediate and sent a ripple of recognition and understanding through the room. I smiled. I knew my talk would benefit the audience of coaches I […]

Are you serious about your business?

A few weeks, months or maybe even years ago you had an idea that would earn you money… You wanted to be your own boss and no longer have to ring in with excuses when you were just plain exhausted with the rat race. You love working on your own, independently and a great self-starter. You […]

Entrepreneurs Rainbow of Connection

Discover the Entrepreneurs Rainbow of Connection to help you attract and engage new clients online as an introvert entrepreneur.

Stop Niching with Boring Demographic Data!

How do you start to find your business niche when you feel that you could serve everyone? Leave demographics aside and instead follow these 7 steps, to niche The Introvert Way® “Arghhhhh!!!! Don’t talk to me about niching!!!!” “Or Avatars….”   I’ve heard this so many times from my clients, who are coaches and consultants. But […]

Be The Change You Want To See

You are here as you want to see some change occurring. You have a vision of a different future, and one that you help develop.  This is the reason why I developed my own business, The Introvert Way® – as I wanted to see change in how people were selling and showing up online to […]

The Importance of Finding Your Way

Finding your way in business can be a long and convoluted journey. I know, as it took me 20 years! It’s tough at times. When we have a million and one ideas, a thousand experiences and many interests. AND we want to run our own business (or 2, or 3…)    It’s the entrepreneur’s curse.    I […]

A Personal Introduction from Susanna Reay Hello, I’m Susanna Reay here, here to introduce myself as the affiliate business coach for this wonderful Blue Pool network.   My speciality is in helping you understand and bring your value proposition forward, helping you create your signature offer in your business. This is so important, particularly when you’re in the holistic and  wellness space, […]