What Are The Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are an energetic database that sit in the 5th Dimension and hold information and memories for every single person that has ever lived all the way back to the beginning of that soul’s creation. The Akashic Records remember every single choice, action and consequence we’ve ever made. Businesses and Homes have them […]

Open Your Heart

When you truly open your heart it allows you to change your inner world in so doing your outer world will change… We are so used to making decisions using our minds, in a way that seems most logical to us that we often forget to ask our hearts, in fact we are conditioned to […]

A Guide to Crystals and Healing

The Earth has a vast array of mineral and metal deposits. Within the core under certain stock circumstances. Mineral. Solution can grow and produce beautiful crystals with healing and therapeutic properties.

Beauty as an essential tool for the modern seeker

The importance of beauty as a path of personal & spiritual progression has often been overlooked in today’s culture as there is an oversaturation of glamour in the world which is often confused with beauty. And yet ‘being glamourous’ can also be synonymous with beauty. Glamour is focussed on the outward appearance of things only, […]

Intimacy and Breathwork

Breathwork and intimacy may not seem to be something that goes together, but there is surprising news … they do! 

Introduction to Environment Centred Living

ECL looks at how your physical, emotional, conceptual and environmental experiences of life reflect each other. Learn about what your body can tell you about your wellness and illness, your past and your future.  Ben runs a monthly Online session at 7:30pm, if you wish to know more about how can you save your spot […]