Nature and Mental Health

The Power of Nature As a teacher and deputy headteacher for 20 years I have worked with hundreds of children from all walks of life. Working mainly in deprived areas, my passion was always for those children who didn’t quite ‘fit the mould;’ the kids who had life challenges that weighed heavier on their minds […]

The Boy

Who couldn’t sit still Over my twenty plus years of teaching, I always had a soft spot for the underdog. The kids who didn’t quite fit the ‘mould’ …whatever the mould looks like!  I worked extensively with kids who faced a range of challenges from SEN through to chaotic or troubled home lives.  One particular […]

Interview with Sibu

One of the most inspirational people I have ever met is the amazing Sibusiso Vilane. He came from a life of poverty growing up in South Africa during Apartheid. Never owning even a pair of shoes until he started school at the age of 10 to becoming the first black African to climb Mount Everest….TWICE!  […]