Nature and Mental Health

The Power of Nature As a teacher and deputy headteacher for 20 years I have worked with hundreds of children from all walks of life. Working mainly in deprived areas, my passion was always for those children who didn’t quite ‘fit the mould;’ the kids who had life challenges that weighed heavier on their minds […]

The One Minute Habit Change Technique

The One Minute Habit Change Technique At the point we take the first breath, our beliefs begin to shape our perceptions consciously from our environment. Beliefs come through our parents, siblings and our surroundings. They are shaped and formed into the landscape of our reality and as a result affect our imagination and behaviour. We […]

8 Powerful Steps for Dealing with Stress and Overwhelm

Emotion is a current of energy that flows through the body. If you were to fill a bucket with water and keep the tap on, the water would spill out over the edge. Add on a tight lid and the water would be suppressed causing the bucket to build pressure and eventually burst.  Life can […]

Finding Clarity in Times of Uncertainty

“Clarity comes from a state of mental concentration, of focusing the thoughts and paying attention” As we navigate the bizarre turmoil of a sweeping worldwide pandemic it’s no surprise that many things are rising to the surface for us to unravel and process. There is a cloud of uncertainty penetrating through the energy vibrations of […]