Sounds of you Soul

Do you remember? Gently whispers the soul.    A layer of resistance is felt.    Do you remember? Gently whispers the soul.   Soften your body, softer, softer still.    Place your hand on your heart.    Feel the rhythm and beats of love pumping through your body.    Connect to your heart energy.    Go […]

The Path of Perception

Inner Critic Versus Inner Connection Have you ever felt different?    Tried to fit in with others but knowing deep down that you don’t belong?    Ever since I can remember I have felt different.    Just writing this I can feel myself take a deep breath and release, finally safe in my knowing that […]

Forgiveness: Self Harm Versus Self Love

They say sorry is one of the hardest words to say.   This may well be true, however, sorry is a word.   It’s that simple.   It can be said and banded around with little or no real meaning.   How many times are children asked to say ‘sorry’, literally for the sake of it?   If I’m honest, […]

Journey from the Head to the Heart

The Mastery of Alignment.  Here it comes again…   I feel it bubbling beneath the surface like poison coursing through my veins.  My body physically tenses and contracts as it senses what’s coming.   All too familiar with the uncomfortable cycle playing out.  The searing feeling of dread and nausea as it rises fiercely from the darkest […]