Authentic Self Meditation

A meditation to leave you feeling energised, strong and connected to the energy of your authentic self within.

The Shift Exercise

Welcome to this 30-minute, introspective process which will open you up to your infinite potential and the endless possibilities available to you. THE SHIFT EXERCISE Are you feeling stuck, overwhelmed or indecisive? Would you like to access your inner wisdom to help you move forward, find answers or make choices? Are you open to […]

How to Conscious Communicate & Consent

Conscious communication and consent can be complicated, most of us, no matter who they are, can find navigating them a challenge throughout our life. 

Conscious Networking

When anyone invites you to a networking group, what is your first reaction?  Do you want to run for the hills at the thought of having to speak for just 1 minute or are you excited at the prospect of meeting new people?  When you meet people and they say “What do you do?”, can […]