Navigating Relationships

Navigating Relationships (Part one)  So this is one huge topic and I feel sure I will revisit this at some point and embellish what I have already thought and written.  There are so many chapters to the heading “relationships”.  Relationships are everything and first and foremost they start with us.  It is my belief that […]

The Energy of Fear

The Energy of Fear  Fear is such an interesting topic.  Something we all face at times.  Something we all manage differently.  It is a normal part of the human experience, but it is something we can master.  This is a huge subject, but I thought I would brush on it with you.  Provide you with […]

Creating Boundaries

Creating Boundaries   One of the very most important tools to use in our life journey is boundaries.  It is something that many of us are not strong on, or really do not understand the importance of.  In my work, this is one of the areas I encourage my clients and students to empower themselves with. […]

A Holistic Approach to Navigating Overwhelm

A Holistic Approach to Navigating Overwhelm  We all have times in our lives when everything hits us at once.  Perhaps when the bomb of overwhelm is dropped we are already not at our best, maybe our battery is out of charge, or perhaps we just don’t deal with overwhelm that well.  Whatever it is, you […]

A Guide to Being Grounded

A Guide to Being Grounded  Oh my, this is a subject I feel so passionately about.  It is so very important and yet is ignored by so many.  I will keep this really simple, so here goes.  Why should we be grounded/earthed?  There are so many health benefits when we ground and one of the […]