Festive Foodie Ideas!

On our latest blog at #TheBePlan, we have some awesome healthy (ish) and very festive recipe ideas for Christmas!

Top Tips to Lose Stubborn Weight

Are you frustrated and feeling like you have tried everything to budge that stubborn extra weight? Do you desire greater body confidence and clothes that feel great on you again? Here are #TheBePlan’s top 10 simple everyday tips that will help you budge that belly, lose the bloat and have you feeling fabulous again! Mindful […]

Chloe’s Vertical Garden Tour!

Ever wished you could grow your own veg and salad, without the hassle, pests and time investment? Maybe your garden is too small – or your local allotment is too much of an investment. In this video I will be taking you on a tour of my very own aeroponic vertical growing tower – which […]

Is a Healthy Diet enough?

Many people tell me they feel they have a good enough diet… But I believe no matter how hard we try, we are all struggling in the 21st Century! In this video, I discuss the 4 key components to a healthy diet – and the challenges we face to meet our cellular needs, to practice […]

The silent danger of inflammation

For years I didn’t know the role inflammation played in my health and wellbeing! It took 20 years of acne to finally understand how to control my cellular health and practise daily prevention against disease and inflammation. In tis video I will share my understanding of the role inflammation plays – and what you can […]