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8 week program

Breathe, Align and Shine

Embark on an 8-week journey with our programme, “Breathe, Align, and Shine: A Comprehensive Exploration of Breathwork, Light Codes and Chakra Balancing.” Guided by Sandra and Jade.

A comprehensive exploration of breathwork, light codes and chakra alignment

Prepare for a shift on your highest timeline, delving into deep cellular transformation.

“Heal and release as you operate from an accelerated level, letting go of timelines across all time and space.”

This journey supports physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, leaving you more aligned and empowered.

Next enrolment date and location to be announced

A Journey of Transformation Awaits

Prepare for a shift on your highest timeline, delving into deep cellular transformation.

Heal and release as you operate from an accelerated level, letting go of timelines across all time and space.

This journey supports physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, leaving you more aligned and empowered.


“ This programme is to accelerate your journey

A quantum leap forward so to speak. This is not for the faint hearted as your life may transform rapidly. It all depends on your openness to let go and enjoy the ride! 

Connection to your breath is a gateway. A gateway to all dimensions. You do not have the understanding of how much power you hold with each breath.When you work with this with intention it enables you be transported into the depths of your psyche. To enable you to totally reprogram those parts of you that are not in alignment with your core self.

When you combine this with the codes, this accelerates the process, dissolving those harden traits with more ease and grace. Therefore allowing for a speeder transition. This in turn creates space to anchor in higher frequencies, recoding and programming which are more aligned to more of your blue print.

Those who are ready for these codes will find this programme.”


Doesn’t matter what stage of your journey you are at..

  • Those ready for powerful transformation codes
  • Individuals on a journey of evolution and alignment
  • Those who want deep ingrained patterns to be loosened so layers can be more easily shed
  • Those feeling a soul calling; you’ll just know!
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"I don't know why I'm here, but I just knew I had to."
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"I don't know why I'm here, but I just knew I had to."

Meet your guides

Sandra Jennings is not just an incredible Energy Healer and Artist; she’s a conscious contributor to the global shift in consciousness. As the founder of Blue Pool Network, she has created a beautiful connection community for kindred souls seeking growth and connection.

Jade Brown brings a unique blend of expertise as a Breathwork Facilitator and Emotional Empowerment Coach. Trained in diverse modalities, including subconscious reprogramming, somatic, and energy healing, Jade empowers individuals to cultivate inner peace through mind, body, and soul alignment.

Their paths initially crossed years ago when Sandra, drawn by synchronicity, picked up Jade for a light language meet-up. Although life momentarily took them in separate directions, destiny had other plans. It took years for the universe to align Jade with the right house, and it was another year before they discovered they lived just minutes away from each other in the beautiful Kent countryside.

Since their reunion, Sandra and Jade’s connection has grown stronger, both in their personal journeys and in the gifts they bring to healing. Jade, also an integral part of Blue Pool, extends their offerings to include individual and 2-1 sessions, group programs, and online courses. Together, they navigate the profound landscapes of healing, embracing the transformative power of their union.

Destiny’s Chiropractic, The Old Sorting Office Rear of, 37 High St, West Malling ME19 6QH, United Kingdom

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unveiling the programme

The chakras, our body’s energy centres, will be your roadmap throughout this journey. They are like stations on a cosmic radio dial, each tuned to a unique frequency and connected to various aspects of your life. Think of them as energy hubs that receive and transmit vital information.

These chakras also symbolise your spiritual growth, starting from the foundational root chakra, associated with basic instincts, and culminating in the crown chakra, linked to higher consciousness.

Over the programme you’ll explore and bring these chakras into more alignment, uncovering the hidden layers of your true self and gaining a sense of empowerment. Throughout the programme, we’ll work with the unique characteristics and colours associated with each chakra, using tools, practices, body movements, and journaling.

Week One

The Root Chakra –

Unlocking Your Inner Strength

  • Explore your physical identity and lay the foundation for the program.
  • Learn essential breathwork techniques and start to create that safety and regulation.​
  • Receive healing to ground and embody yourself, setting the stage for anchoring in higher frequencies.

Week Two

The Sacral Chakra –

Releasing Your Inner Flow

  • Dive into the primal aspect of your being.
  • Develop a deeper connection to the felt sense of your body.
  • Cultivate emotional awareness and explore creative energy.
  • Heal any wounds related to sexuality, fostering a harmonious inner flow.

Week Three

The Solar Plexus Chakra –

Igniting Your Inner Fire

  • Integrate your true core identity.
  • ​Reclaim personal power and confront shadows related to choice and feeling seen.
  • ​Explore relationships and strengthen authenticity.
  • ​Connect with empowering feelings of self esteem and confidence.

Week Four

The Heart Chakra –

Living from Love

  • Clear physical density through breath and light codes.
  • ​Embody profound connections to higher frequencies of love, compassion, and gratitude.
  • ​Unite the lower and upper chakras for infinite self-access.​
  • Learn to live from the heart space to create mind and heart coherence, and express emotions more freely.

Week Five

The Throat Chakra –

Speak Your Truth

  • Explore self-expression, truth, and sound vibration.
  • Release blocks, fears, conditioning, and projections.​
  • Enhance communication skills and unleash creativity.
  • ​Connect with your inner voice, integrating wisdom from the heart and mind.

Week Six

The Third Eye Chakra –

Explore Your Intuition

  • Tap into the cosmic mind of imagination, clairvoyance, and deep insight.

  • Receive intuitive insights for your journey.

  • Overcome limiting thoughts and fragmented aspects.

  • Expand awareness beyond individual perception.

Week Seven

The Crown Chakra – 

Illuminate Your Spiritual Connection

  • Deepen your spiritual connection and understanding
  • Open the gateway to higher consciousness.
  • Experience profound awareness and unity with the divine.

Week Eight

Earth and Soul Star –

Connecting to Purpose

  • Establish a connection with the Earth Star, grounding your purpose.

  • Reach for the Soul Star, aligning with higher frequencies.

  • Contribute to resetting vibrational frequencies for personal and collective transformation.

Investment in your transformation

The Value of 8 Sessions with Sandra and Jade is £1504, but as a introductory offer you can get it for £333

  • 8 Live In-Person 2-Hour Sessions: Immerse yourself in transformative experiences of conscious connected breathwork, light code activations and energy healing guided by Sandra and Jade. The groups are intimate so you will get 1-1 guidance and healing tailored to your unique journey.
  • Full Professional Recordings: Revisit and deepen your practice with access to professionally recorded sessions, ensuring the essence of each transformative moment is captured.
  • Customised Music Playlists: Elevate your experience with curated music, enhancing the resonance of each session.
  • E-books for Each Chakra: Delve deeper into the exploration with comprehensive e-books, including thoughtfully crafted assignments for those who seek to expand their journey beyond the sessions.
  • Supplementary Videos and Resources: Enrich your learning with supplementary materials that complement the assignments, providing a multi-sensory approach to your transformative experience.
  • WhatsApp Support Group: Join a supportive community to share your weekly experiences, insights, and questions. Receive personalized guidance from Sandra and Jade to enhance your journey throughout the week.
  • Optional Human Design Reading: Unlock the secrets of your unique design with an optional Human Design reading presented in a detailed 10-12 page e-book. This invaluable insight is available at a discounted price of £33, providing additional clarity to your transformative journey.

We’re not on this journey alone. Through shared experiences and wisdom, we quantumly transform, enabling you to step into empowerment with a full cup. This collective evolution is our path to thriving, not just for personal growth but for the betterment of our world and the generations to come. Join us on this transformative journey where unity fosters empowerment and a brighter future for all.


The Value of 8 Sessions with Sandra and Jade
£ 333
  • 8 Live In-Person 2-Hour Sessions
  • Full Professional Recordings
  • Customised Music Playlists
  • E-books for Each Chakra
  • Supplementary Videos and Resources:
  • WhatsApp Support Group
  • Optional Human Design Reading


We will be recording the sessions and you will receive the video to catch up when you can.

Conscious connected breathing, or rebirthing breathwork, no pauses inbetween the inhale and exhale for an extended period. It is the most optimal and natural way of breathing, it’s gentle and will train your body to breath full and deep using the diagram, full capacity of your lungs and the chest.

Anyone who is looking to create rapid transformation in their lives, and become more aligned with who they truly are, allowing them to step into a more joyful, expansive version of themselves! Please read the remaining FAQs for more information.

Epilepsy, a detached retina, glaucoma, uncontrolled high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and/or irregularities including prior heart attack or heart arrhythmia, bipolar disorder or schizophrenia, strokes, TIAs, seizures or other other brain/neurological condition or disease. Untreated PTSD.

If you have asthma, please make sure to have your inhaler next to you when you breathe in case you need it.

Best to avoid this breathwork in the early stages of pregnancy, and wait until you are at least 12-16 weeks along. If pregnant you will be guided to breathe more gently and not be laying flat on your back. You will still receive the healing and best to set an intention before for pregnancy.

Please bring a journal, pen, water and a snack for after. There will be yoga mats but we recommend to bring your own and blankets, socks, cushion for under your knees if you struggle with back problems. Might prefer something under your head, so an extra blanket is useful for this. Get comfortable!

This information will be sent in an email when you sign up, as well as after care.

There will be some assignments for the week to get the most of out of your journey, but they won’t be too time consuming and will help you deepen your experience. These will be given to you at the end of each session.

Sandra uses her voice to bring to bring through codes via sound, dialects and singing which clear density from the energetic field and anchor in higher frequency information to raise your vibration.

Are You Ready To step into more aligned, joyful and abundant version of yourself and shine your light?