Now is the time for all of us to connect

In these dynamic and transformative times, many envision a different path forward—one where individuals embrace their authenticity and businesses operate from a heart-centered and healthy foundation. Blue Pool is more than just a network; it’s a global movement that seeks to unite like-minded and like-hearted souls and businesses. Our collective vision is to create a sustainable, loving, and connected way of being, a world where each of us contributes to illuminating a brighter path.

Blue Pool's Vision:

To instigate change and leave a legacy, fostering a world of peace, love, community, and sustainability for our future generations.

Blue Pool's Mission:

We unite people in the UK and around the globe through regular holistic, well-being, and business support events, contributing to the awakening of humanity. To witness the change, we actively become the change.

Who We Connect:

• Awakening Souls: Those on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening, seeking deeper meaning and purpose in life.

• Teachers: Educators, mentors, and guides who are committed to sharing knowledge and wisdom with others.

• Therapists: Practitioners of holistic healing modalities, dedicated to supporting the well-being and transformation of individuals.

• Lightworkers: Individuals who feel called to spread love, healing, and positive energy to uplift humanity and the planet.

• Creatives: Artists, writers, musicians, and innovators who channel their creativity to inspire and express their inner truth.

• Seekers: Those who are curious and open-minded, constantly seeking knowledge, wisdom, and new experiences.

• Dreamers: Visionaries and idealists who dare to dream big and envision a better world for themselves and others.

• Change Makers: Activists, advocates, and leaders who are committed to creating positive change and making a difference in society.

• Way-showers: Trailblazers and pioneers who lead by example, guiding others towards higher consciousness and personal empowerment.

• Spiritual Entrepreneurs: Heart-centred business owners and entrepreneurs who integrate spirituality into their work and are dedicated to creating businesses that align with their values and soul’s purpose.

If you this is you, then you’re invited to join our community of like-hearted souls on a journey of growth, transformation, and collective evolution.

The Collective Mission:

Creating the new begins with collective action. Alone, change might seem daunting, but together, we amplify our voice. As the old ways crumble, let’s shape the new. This is a shared mission. In the profound words of John F. Kennedy, “If not us, who? If not now, when?” Become the change and join our ever-expanding family on this beautiful journey

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The Blue Pool Team

Immerse Yourself in an Inspiring Community

At Blue Pool, we’re united by a shared commitment to operate in a new paradigm, fostering mutual support and collaboration. Our team works closely from the heart, dedicated to each other’s growth and evolution. Explore more about the incredible individuals who make up our team.

Sandra Jennings

Blue Pool Founder
I have been on my journey of self discovery and awakening for over 20 years and have always been fascinated by all things esoteric and metaphysical. I am a Mentor, Regression Therapist, Beyond Quantum Healer, Soul Voice Sound and Energy Healer and Light Code Artist.
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Steve Jennings

Blue Pool Inspiration
Firstly, I’d like to say how strange it feels to be writing about myself!  I’m sure many of us would feel that so I’ll have to just get past it and dive in.
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Jade Brown

Humanity leads the way for me, so when I reconnected with Sandra in a very synchronistic way after meeting her a couple of years beforehand, I was excited to be a part of Blue Pool in some way. I had already been on my own journey of healing and was helping people through anxiety support and breathwork, so not only was this a perfect match to collaborate through what I was already doing, but also it became apparent there were other ways I could help Blue Pool. So, I will be the one you see filming and taking photos at the events, helping things run in the background and giving Blue Pool the presence online in deserves to help create change in this world.

Marisi Romanillos

IT Support & Web Developer
I believe in providing exceptional web experiences. I focus on planning, developing and supporting the website from conception to delivery and beyond. Within Blue Pool I am the technical creator and technical support. I also love to help out at the events so that I can connect with the members. I love to meet the unique and interesting people who are all part of the Blue Pool community. Plus, being from Mexico, I love adding hot sauce to everything!
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The Blue Pool Facilitators

Our facilitators at Blue Pool are a collective of heart-driven, enthusiastic souls devoted to guiding you towards unlocking the full potential of your mind, body, and spirit. In this space, we prioritise experiencing joy, love, and fulfilment while fostering deep connections as a community, collectively elevating the frequency of the planet. Learn more about our key facilitators below or find out how you can join this transformative team.

Nathan is a FreeMind Rapid-Change Hypnotherapist, as well as a qualified Leadership coach who’s worked in a number of FTSE 250 organisations. With 24 years in leadership positions, 15 years in leadership development. Combined with an eclectic mix of incredible life experiences. From living in Brazil to train martial arts and managing the customer services for Time & Fortune magazine while living in Amsterdam all the way through to healing himself of Crohn’s. Nathan is well versed in healing the past and bringing the best out of people, both individually and in teams. Nathan combines a mixture of FreeMind Rapid Change Hypnotherapy, and guided meditation to help people connect to the deep, innate wisdom. Helping people create inner visualisations, build deeper feeling, and awarenesses that helps not only to create clarity but also to unlock the hidden potential within.
Melissa Stonard is an extraordinary pure channel and healer, bringing forth high-level frequencies that balance the entire system on all levels, using Etheric Regeneration and Bioresonance (ERB). Melissa has assisted countless souls worldwide to walk the path of freedom from finding their dream career,being free from physical ailments, releasing mental and emotional baggage, working with epigenetics to release ancestors and thus free your soul and future generations, changing lives beyond recognition. And recently has been awarded The Brainz CREA Global Award - a prestigious list of top entrepreneurs, influential leaders, and innovators who have been recognised for their innovative ideas, resourcefulness, or their accomplishments in the areas of sustainability and mental health. What she channels is not only fascinating but also filled with valuable insights. Her heart led sessions are described as life-changing. Never one to play by the rules, “I’m here to bring revolution to the world.” 🙌 In total there are 64 gene keys, the same amount as our genetic code. Join me for this enlightening monthly healing, where we unlock the higher purpose that is hidden in your DNA, as we work through the 64 gene keys. Your DNA is an actual code, and that code can only be unlocked when you have the right keys.
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Join Our Mission

Our mission is to cultivate a community of growth and evolution, contributing to the
elevation of human consciousness. If you resonate with this mission and aspire to
contribute and facilitate change, we invite you to get in touch. Your passion and dedication
can help shape a world of positive transformation.

Are you ready to be a part of something extraordinary?