A Guide to Crystals and Healing

The popularity of New Age beliefs, yoga, mindfulness and alternative medicine over recent years has fueled a resurgence of interest in crystal healing. From crystal-infused water bottles and perfumes to gemstone healing necklaces, facials and massages, there’s no shortage of crystal applications.

All about crystals

The Earth has a vast array of mineral and metal deposits. Within the core under certain stock circumstances. Mineral. Solution can grow and produce beautiful crystals with healing and therapeutic properties. Crystals can grow in. Many shapes forms sizes. And colours. In darkness and in water. And in light.

If you pick a crystal up, it’s not easy to say if it’s a diamond or a piece of glass. Being able to tell the difference between many similar looking rocks and minerals that have formed crystals is important.

How can crystals grow?

When deep in water inside the mother Earth, it warms up and it expands allowing mini miniscule solids to be dissolved in the water. And in within the particles. Moving into the space in between the water and the molecules. At the point when no more molecules can be absorbed, the water becomes known as a Saturated solution.

Crystal Formations

As the temperature changes and the warm solution cools, or possibly even evaporates. The space between the molecules become very small, at this point the water freeze up or releases excess solute.

This is when the CRYSTAL begins its growth.

Crystals form depending on which minerals were dissolved in the water and some solutions will grow many tiny crystals, and some will grow into one large, beautiful crystal.

– For example, an Amethyst geode has lots of crystal points inside its cave and an Opal is one solid crystal in a pocket of rock.

Crystals can grow in clusters or ribbons deep, deep inside Mother Earth. Where the ancient water an underground rivers used to run.

Like I mentioned before, – the Amethyst geode. Which is where the bubbles often formed in volcanic rock when hot lava ran over the Earth and eventually cooled, so these layers were built up over millions of years.

It said, that inside an Amethyst Geode before it’s cracked open, or it sees natural sunlight or UV rays. It’s dark, deep green. And when the light hits, the amethysts turns PURPLE.


The benefits of crystal healing.

All crystals possess a special quality and is also known for their piezoelectric effect.

– Piezoelectric Effect is the ability of certain materials to generate an electric charge in response to applied mechanical stress.

Crystals and gemstones respond to the electricity in the Earth’s energy field.

When a crystal enters your auric field, it can change the vibrations of your or a slightly and this adds to the healing properties of the crystal. Crystals do not harm the body. They bring solace and healing properties through the intentions and affirmations placed within them by the crystal wearer/ healer.

The popularity of New Age beliefs, yoga, mindfulness and alternative medicine over recent years has fuelled a resurgence of interest in crystal healing. From crystal-infused water bottles and perfumes to gemstone healing necklaces, facials and massages, there’s no shortage of crystal applications.

Sam’s Beliefs on Crystals and Healing

I Find Crystals allows you to find and access of your inner-layers of the subconscious.

Crystal healing is uniquely custom energetic experience accessing the intuitive self through personalized visualization of crystal work.


Ultimately for me on a spiritual level, working with crystals and healing with them offers an intuitive connection and also helps the client also connect to themself.

Using crystals on a deeper and softer level can open up many possibilities for the bodies systems and energy bodies within our whole physical body.

Using sounds with not just singing bowls, Sam also uses her channelling voice to guide you through a very peaceful meditative and visualisation experience, where you can benefit from the vast array of crystals without having to fill your mind with anything else. Sound creates a vibration of waves that we can feel through and within our bodies. Sam uses this tool during your crystal healing to guide you to relax and balance the energies within your body, mind and soul.

When using crystals within Sam’s healing, she shares the information on the properties of the crystals she uses. This is to help guide you on the specific crystals that would benefit you at this time in your life based on your unique experience.

When we close our energy off it creates a blockage it affects our mood, our feelings, and our thoughts. And it permeates its way into every aspect of our lives. So, it really is important to Sam. She collaborates with her clients to guide them to be open, honest and to access the client’s inner self to shine through with what is needed and what no longer is needed to be facilitated and guide that inner shine to come through.

Crystals absorb, focus, direct, detoxify, shift and diffuse energy as they interact with the electromagnetic forces and subtle vibrations within the subtle human or environmental energy field.

Following your Crystal healing session with Sam, you will be provided with a thorough overview that outlines your custom crystal Healing recommendations and crystals to use.

Sam combines Crystals with Light Language and Sound Energy Healing. This blend of healing is very powerful healing, working directly & organically with your needs to invite your body and energetic system to reset itself to its natural self-healing state.

by Sam Pope

by Sam Pope


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